Cesar & Mensendieck Therapies

Today more and more people who suffer from physical complaints are finding their way to one of 2000 Cesar and Mensendieck alignment therapists in the Netherlands.

Cesar and Mensendieck therapies are methods of posture alignment aimed to alleviate physical complaints or prevent ailments resulting from misalignments. Various studies and client experiences prove that Cesar and Mensendieck therapies continue to produce effective results.


Learn How to Align yourself for a Healthier Way of Living


What to Expect from Cesar and Mensendieck Therapists

The therapist starts with an initial evaluation regarding ailments, followed by an exam that assesses and analyzes posture, the functionality of joints, and how they are related to, and/or are the cause of complaints. Lastly, clients will obtain the knowledge of how their bodies react to pain, misalignment, and stress.

Cesar and Mensendieck therapists are entirely focused on how clients can self-treat by receiving an individualized treatment plan, which guides and provides exercises based on initial exam results. These exercises do not only alleviate symptoms; they are ultimately developed to realign posture to resolve the root cause of the problem in order to prevent recurring complaints.

Therapy is normally provided on an individual basis at the therapist’s practice, or if necessary, at the client’s home. Each treatment lasts approximately 30 minutes.
Some therapists also offer group lessons, e.g., for pregnant women, the elderly, clients with specific conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis or Parkinson’s disease.

Some therapists specialize in the treatment of children or in psychosomatic complaints. Cesar and Mensendieck therapists can also be found in commercial companies, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, and homes for the elderly.


Individualized attention and treatment plan 

Individualized Attention

After the initial evaluation clients will receive a personalized exercise program to mitigate symptoms, restore function and correct posture to ultimately self treat and be empowered as well as to put everything learned into daily practice at work, or while practicing hobbies or sports – for overall optimal functionality.


  • Neck, shoulder, back, and hip complaints
  • Tension headaches
  • Work-related conditions
  • Abnormalities or deviations in postureand movement
  • Breathing difficulties – e.g., COPD,hyperventilation
  • Neurological conditions – e.g., hernia,sciatica, Parkinsons’s disease, MS
  • Orthopedic conditions – e.g., arthrosis,osteoporosis, Scheuermanns’s disease, scoliosis
  • Rheumatic conditions – e.g. rheumatoid arthritis, Bechterew’s disease
  • Delayed motor development skills in children
  • Rehabilitation – e.g., total knee replacement, hip replacement
  • RSI
  • Pelvic complaints • Whiplash
  • Incontinence

Coverage & Referrals

Cesar and Mensendieck Therapies are accredited treatment methods. Look at your health insurance policy for information on reimbursements and coverage you may eligible for. Your General Practitioner, medical specialist, or company doctor can refer you to a Cesar or Mensendieck therapist.

If the therapist is certified in DTO, a referral is not required.


Praktijk voor Houding & Beweging, oefentherapie Cesar
Practice for posture alignment & movement, exercise therapie Cesar

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